Mupawose Chieftainship and praise


Found in Mhondoro-Ngezi area, being BaTonga by tribes with Mupamombe as their chidawo. Prior to European occupation, the chieftainship was known as Ngezi and although he had 5 sons, his eldest son Zinyonga and his descendants appear to have dominated the succession matrix. No chiefs Ngezi were appointed after the Ndebele raids and the rebellion , because these events scattered the tribe almost to extinction.

Mupawose, a junior son of Ngezi who had been regarded as Muchinda of Ngezi settled with his followers in the Hartley (Chegutu) district after the rebellion. He received recognition as a chief under the name of Mupawose. The descendants of the rival house (Chanakira) settled in the Seke reserve. In recent years Chanakira has contrived to revive the Ngezi chieftainship and out Mupawose from his position. Traditionally, Chanakira had a strong claim but Mupawose has been ruling his area and people since 1900. The composition of the tribe has changed considerably in recent years and now consists largely of vatorwa (foreigners). Apart from a few supporters of Chanakira , the tribe is quite happy with their chief and no change in the name of chieftainship is desired. Chanakira admits that he is unable to succeed to the name of Mupawose his young brother. If he was chosen as the leader he would apply for the name change of chieftainship to Ngezi.

Below is the eulogy(praise) of the of the Mupawose clan:

Maita Mutonga,
Maita vari Chivare,

Vakatumbura mombe nechara,
Chipanga chichisvina ura,
Chatadza kutumbura mombe,
Zvaitwa Mutonga,Varidzi veZambezi Maita variChingondo,
Varidzi vamasango,
Zvaitwa Ngezi,
Vanotoreveteka kana vasorwa,
Zvaitwa Mupamombe,
Aiwa Mupawose.

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      1. Mupamombe clan is Lion and Hungwe bird together hence vachinzi varidzi vemasango. Which animal is king of the Jungle? Mhondoro Ngezi simply means Mhondoro is (Lion) Svikiro and Ngezi was the Lion ndosaka pachinzii Mhondoro Ngezi. I’m still finding out more and definitely will share.

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