Find your relatives have added a new feature that suggests your possible relatives with common surnames or totems. This is an exciting development that simplifies the way members search for their relatives. Below are a few simple steps to check your possible relatives:

1 . Login to your account on or click this link to register if you are not yet registered

2 . After login, click on “Details” and your family details will display on the right side as below with “suggested relationships” below your surname or totem if any.

3 . Then click on the “suggested relationships” and the list will be displayed with the option to “link relative” on the far right. Link only people you are related to.

4 . After linking, the list of linked members can be viewed under the “Suggested Relations” tab on the left.

5 . In case you would like to create your Family Tree, you click on the “Lineage” button and you can add family members and remember to “SAVE”. Finally if you would like to define your name or surname refer to 6 below;

6 . Click on the “Contributions” tab and you can define a name of your choice.

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